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Membership Rates.

 All Memberships are Family.

   Daily                              $5.00

   Regular (Out of Area)  $40.00

   Regular (Yearly)           $75.00


Regular (prorated if joining between 7/1-9/31) $55

Regular (prorated if joining between 10/1-11/30) $35

Please know that we are an all-volunteer club. As such, we depend on member participation to keep things running. All Bend Trap Club members are encouraged to budget 10 hours per year of volunteer time.

All of us contributing avoids the need to hire help while enjoying our current number of shooting days. At the same time, volunteering keeps our membership rates and target prices as low as possible.

Thank you and see you on the range!



  If finding time to volunteer is difficult and you want to contribute to the labor cause, feel free to Donate.

Bend Trap Club\Fees Per Round

              Regular Members

                    Trap           $5.00

                   Skeet          $5.00

     FITASC/ 5-Stand     $6.00

                 Daily Members

                   Trap           $7.00

                   Skeet         $7.00

     FITASC/ 5-Stand    $8.00

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