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All communications, planning and coordination concerning trap competition.

PITA and ATA relations, scheduling, and shoot management.


For example, a basic PITA registered shoot requires labor personnel as follows:

  1. scorers (keep track of shooter’s score per squad) – this is usually the largest labor pool item

  2. trap loader to keep the trap full of targets  -- second to #1 in labor needs

  3. Runners and assistants to help with communications between the office and the Line managers

  4. Line managers keep the flow of the shoot going; checking on equipment, setting targets and keeping problems from getting bigger

  5. Cashier who manages the scoring, reporting of events, record keeping, paying of trophys, etc. (Specialized task!)

  6. Shell Room attendant that provides sales for shoot related components and generally watches over the clubhouse

  7. Handicapper and squading person(s) to manage shooter signup and qualification/verification of shooter credentials

  8. Daily cleanup and preparation for day’s activities (hopefully done by members of afore mentioned labor groups) (Setup and tear down)

There are also pre shoot duties that include shoot advertising and program preparation, distribution and announcements. Additional tasks often required are trophy sponsorship collection activities and shooter presquad setup.

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