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                                           2017 Bend Trap Club Annual Membership Meeting

                                                                    1 / 2 2/20/2017
2017 Membership Dues
The 2016 calendar year has ended and with it comes our dues renewal process. The annual membership dues period is January-December, making the 2017-year dues payable by January 1, 2017. Dues are $75 for a 2017 club membership. The premium memberships are $175 for Gold and $275 for Platinum. Practice shooting rounds are currently $5 for Trap/Skeet and 5-Stand.
The Gold membership affords the shooter a $1/round discount from base shooting prices.
The Platinum membership affords the shooter a $1.25/round discount.
Junior members (under 18 years of age) shoot at discounted rates as established by the Platinum membership level, provided they obtain their own shooting payment card. A special youth shooting program, subsidized by our Sponsoring members, has allowed the club to offer youth shooters the ability to have their target costs paid for from a special fund established through the Sponsoring Membership. Please check with the directors for details.
Details of the club expense/income summaries will be available at the annual meeting. Shooting periods are currently Thursday and Sunday for Trap, Skeet and 5-Stand.
The Membership/Renewal invoice was emailed end of 2016 (if an email address was available). You can mail it back to the Club’s address (see bottom of page), or bring it in to the office during normal shooting hours. PayPal is also accepted through the club’s web site. Applications are always available online or in the office for renewal. In order to retain general membership status, you must have your dues paid by March 6th, 2017. Should a current Member neglect to pay dues within the time period allowed, subsequent application to the club will be as an Associate class Member. If you’re not sure of your renewal status, or you just want a copy/receipt of membership, just reply to this email and we’ll send a dues bill/receipt as appropriate.
2017 Annual Meeting
The annual meeting, per the club bylaws, is to be held on the second Sunday of March. The meeting is scheduled for March 12, 2017 at 2:00pm. The meeting will be held at the Bend Trap Club Clubhouse. In accordance with club bylaws, a general member must have his dues paid, renewal application completed, and be in good standing by March 6th 2017 in order to vote in the 2017 annual general membership meeting. All members, regardless of membership class, are encouraged to attend and participate.
The meeting agenda will cover the State of the Club, officer reports, election of board members, club status and other BTC business as brought before the board by the membership. Please try to attend if possible as this is an important meeting for the club. We plan on having several new topics to discuss at this meeting regarding shooting disciplines, volunteer assistance and membership participation in club functions.
Please plan on attending if possible.
Bend Trap Club
PO Box 7774
Bend, OR 97708-7774
2017 Bend Trap Club Annual Membership Meeting
2 / 2 2/20/2017
2017 Annual Meeting Agenda
1) President’s State of the Club Address
a) Shooting Days
b) Club Expense/Income/Shooting Summaries
c) Future Shotgun Sport Shooting Events
d) Shooting Support/Training Tools
2) Treasurer’s Report
a) Checking
b) Reserve
c) Target
d) Equipment
e) Development
3) Secretary’s Report
a) Membership
b) 2016 Meeting Minutes
4) Discussion of additional shooting venues
5) Annual Open Seat Board of Director’s Elections
6) March Board Meeting (Election of Officers)
7) Open Forum
Take Highway 20 east toward Burns. Travel east past the Millican store approximately 4
miles. The Trap Club driveway is located approximately 100 feet east of mile marker 30
on the south side of the highway. There is ODOT signage for “Trap Club” on both sides
of the highway. Go through the gate and proceed to the back of the property (do not take
any side driveways as these are service roads only). The road will turn west in
approximately ¾ mile. Please keep your speed on our road under 20 mph. Clubhouse
parking is behind the building.

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